Silk Cloud Snood

Here I'm knitting with two strands. I am using just the one skein to complete this moss stitch snood. The yardage in these skeins are just exceptional! 



What you need:

1x 28gram skein of Shibui Silk Cloud (Habu Textiles Silk Mohair also works well, but you will need two balls)

5mm needles

Sewing up needle


Using  2 strands of Silk Cloud, loosely cast on 49 stitches.


Row 1: K1, *P1, K1 *repeat from star to end of row.


Repeat this row until desired length or until you almost run out of yarn.


Cast off loosely in pattern.


Sew ends together with a flat seam, taking care not to pull too tightly or the seam will gather.

Patience is required when knitting with such a light weight yarn. It's not going to grow nearly as fast as chunkier yarns, but the finished result is worth the patience and the labour. In saying that, it is a complete dream to work with! The two strands hold together quite easily, making it easy to knit.


The finished snood is so light and cushiony, only weighing 25grams!


Finished Measurements: 58cm x 31cm


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